Many people start their new year by making a resolution, and then try their absolute best to stick to it. Usually, the majority of these resolutions are associated with getting fitter or forming a new habit which generally pertains to living a healthier life. However, statistics show that more than 80% of people fail their new year’s resolution by mid February, or sometimes even mid January!

Switching gears for a moment. We, at the Family Doctor strive to make healthcare affordable and available to everyone. All our health packages, tests and staff (nurses and doctors) push towards the betterment of our customers to live a healthier life! So why not start your new near’s resolution with us ?

The Swasth Packages that we offer, is designed to make all kinds of health tests available and affordable. Our General Physicians and Specialists, are eagerly waiting to help you find what’s best for your health and make sure you continue to live a healthy life by scheduling regular visits. We also offer free sample collection at home, and you can schedule the sample collection by downloading our App or by calling our Call Centre*. It’s that easy!

The choice now rests with you. So why don’t you start your new year by getting a full body check up from our new “Swasth and Health Packages” at a very affordable price and make the year 2020 YOUR year, where you live your life in the best possible way : healthily and happily.


We at the Family Doctor wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with health and prosperity.